Monday, February 13, 2017

Monster Mutant Super Soda Red Dawn Review

Mutant Super Soda Red Dawn is a most brazen attempt at impeding Mtn Dew's Code Red from reaching the grasps of those wanting a sugary and caffeinated soda. Its bottle is not half bad, actually, surprisingly simple from a company so inclined at supplying mundane textures and silly paragraphs of text on their products. But the flavor name "Red Dawn" is so small and hard to see, leaving its color scheme as the products only flavor identification.

Seventy two grams of sugar, all the riled high fructose corn syrup, is just too much, proving that there is such thing as too sweet; the ingredients list mention that it has a "low sodium" content, at just three percent your daily intake, but that number appears just above its whopping twenty five percent carbohydrate content. The flavor is stagnant, a distilled and dreadfully deadened cherry taste, no nuance to the fruit nor any acidity- there is just your generic drupe flavor and drowns in the acute saccharinity. Effervescence is feisty and tickles the back of your throat as you gulp the frisky fluid, and the bubbliness of the beverage is easily its best characteristic.

290 calories and 115 milligrams of caffeine, as well as the aforementioned sugar quantity, make up the ingredient cocktail here, though it is more like "bland energy" than an "energy blend." Any buzz lasts at most an hour, giving its significantly more common competitor nothing to worry about when it comes to pretending to be an energy supplement.

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