Saturday, March 25, 2017

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Salted Caramel Review

This should be called "Cost Me 'bout Three Bucks" Doubleshot, because it did. But the petite size for the price aside, the can is strikingly similar to the previous varieties, though this one is choked by all the text towards the top. Do drinkers really need to see "espresso" thrice on the packaging?

Six and a half ounces, this unpleasantly sweet coffee lasts roughly three sips, less if you are not paying attention. The bitterness is a misstep, an aspect praised in the original, the astringency here is muted behind grams of sugar, seventeen to be exact. That saccharinity veils the namesake of this variety, both the "caramel" and the "salted," although the former could just be puffery for all that sugariness. It is a shame how the "salted" is such an exaggeration, always significantly sacchariferous despite its six percent daily intake of sodium. The cream, adding to the potable's extreme 140 calories, considering its size, is give grams of fat, and this lardaceousness is the best thing here, showing that three and a half grams of saturated fat is the way to go, your waist-line aside.

As of now, I cannot find any information regarding its caffeine content, but we can surmise it is in the 120 milligram range. The potency is the best thing here, the only aspect that benefits from the small size by hitting you as soon as you take your final gulp. In the end, Espresso & Salted Caramel is not the worst Starbucks brand canned beverage, but there is very little to recommend here.

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