Friday, March 17, 2017

Dragon Tail Blazin' Tropical Energy Drink Review

Blazin' Tropical loses the "g" in its name in a feigned attempt at looking hip, but its rocking glass bottle forgives any fault in its silly naming. But the brand name, Dragon Tail, is no where to be found on the front of the design, creating a clean design but forgoing some brand recognition.

Sips are sweet, forty milligrams of pure cane sugar give every imbibe a grainy and almost syrupy texture. Fortunately things work with the flavor, which is a hodgepodge of mango, orange and pineapple, the tastes turbid and never spawning a structured sapor. Nuances of cherry and lime round out each gulp, however they are lost in the cocktail's chaotic flavor. Sweetness and sourness are here in equal measure, but it is the beverage's pacing, which layers both the sugariness and the acidity so that the two are seldom savored simultaneously. It provides the dismally derivative experience its only anomalous attribute.

Each twelve ounce bottle contains: caffeine, guarana, and maltodextrin. The buzz is the beverage's biggest bane, lasting about two hours and, unsurprisingly, is not the strongest. In the end, Dragon Tail Blazin' Tropical is less interesting than its icy line brethren, and therefore more disappointing.

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