Thursday, March 9, 2017

Realtree Outdoors Hydration Pink Lemonade Energy Drink Review

This dull pink can is one of the better in the line since the redesign that shucked the unique twist-off top for a conventional pull-tab. But one cannot help but wonder if this is simply a repackaging of their previous Pink Lemonade, though with all the misfires of that drink I surely hope they modified the flavor. But instead of reading "not for city girls," this new design reads "I love country girls;" finally, something I can agree with on one of these imbecilic outdoor beverages.

There is slightly less sugar than the previous variety, though just two grams, but being all high fructose corn syrup the reduction is welcome (sucralose is on backup). The saccharinity is strong but never overwhelming, and although its syrupy mouthfeel leaves much to be desired, its slight thickening in the back of the palate give the illusion the pulpy textural nuance of home-squeezed citrus summertime favorite. Its tartness is another element to praise, a sharper acidity than most canned lemonades, a sourness almost overwhelmingly puckering. Whether or not it is any better than the brand's previous attempt is irrelevant; it still tastes good.

Each can contains: taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins. The kick is woeful, lasting two hours, though if there was a bright side, it would be the lack of a crash. In the end, Realtree Outdoors Hydration Pink Lemonade did not leave me hydrated, pining for the outdoors or on the hunt for real trees, but it did taste like pink lemonade, and for that I commend them.

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Unknown said...

I've been looking for these in Washington State for the last year. Seems like they've been discontinued?! Are they easy to find where you are?

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