Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sunshine Clementine Twist Energy Drink Review

Another North Carolina drink, Sunshine markets itself as a "good energy" drink with vitamins and electrolytes, though most competing beverages contain the former. Its can is loquacious and a tiny eight ounces, but it maintains easy readability despite the text overstuffing. But the label is shrink-wrapped on, moving the otherwise mature design into cheap, licensed brand territory.

The scent is fantastic, robust and fragrant and I am tempted to just leave the can open and unsipped as my office's air freshener. But first sip is not as interesting as the perfume, its odor's nuance and freshness lost in the actual flavor's stevia exploits, its earthy and almost minty trademark veiling the depth the clementine twist taste thirsts for. Fifteen grams of cane sugar works with the stevia, giving the mouthfeel lovely weight, but just a few more grams may have saved this from the low-calorie sweetener's choke hold; I would have been okay with seventy calories instead of the existing sixty. Effervescence is playful keeps the experience grounded from entering the common realm of a "orange soda," though the muted saccharinity helps with that.

Each can contains: vitamin C, B vitamins, and fifty milligrams of caffeine. Its kick is low-impact, lasting less than an hour, particularly if you are familiar with the larger, more potent potables on store shelves. In the end, Sunshine Clementine Twist is an interesting small-town drink, but it is not interesting to drink.

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