Friday, December 29, 2017

Monster Ultra Violet Energy Drink Review

This bright purple can sports the same base design as the other "Ultra" varieties in the line, complete with its once-unique-now-overused textured aluminum. The silver doodles against the lavender background has a lot going on, but despite all its wild imagery, I was never inclined to pay it much attention. But it is the back paragraph of puffery that steals the show, mentioning everything 70's, from bell-bottoms to magic carpets. What that has to do with grape energy drinks is beyond me, but it is a worthy ride, if only for the corporate bizarreness.

If ice-pops were made without sugar, melted, and then carbonated, you would have Ultra Violet's taste. It is full-on grape candy flavor, avoiding the robustness of an actual red grape or the potency of grape soda, for better or worse. But the problem here lies in its saccharinity, achieved via erythritol, sucralose, and ace-k- they simply lack the sweetening chops for this flavor! The fruit blasts onto your tongue, anticipating a dramatic sugariness full of weight and nuance, but is left with the hollow heft of the synthetic sugars and sugar alcohol. Its a discrepancy that leaves the experience floundering in awkwardness and identity crisis.

Each can contains: caffeine (140 milligrams), taurine, and B vitamins. The energy to this energy drink is its weakest aspect, however, lasting two hours, though there is not any crash following. On the whole, Monster Ultra Violet is a misguided expansion of an already mangled line.

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