Friday, December 17, 2010

Celsius Wild Berry Energy Drink Review

Celsius Wild Berry's can is cluttered and busy to such a point of deluging that it's difficult at first glance to figure out what to even call it. The large "Burning Calories!" floating above "Celsius" is far too large for its own good and shouldn't be written in a font nearly as big as the logo. I like the preference of blue as the main colour of the can, but the other minor colours are of yellows and reds, which have nothing to do with the alleged flavour. Speaking of the supposed taste, why it's stated twice is beyond me, because while once is helpful, twice is excessive.

Celsius Wild Berry's flavour begins with a ginger influenced green tea that's fairly tame and appropriately sweetened. Nether to the former is a fermented red grape taste that's mild initially but rapidly gains strength, but it's quickly controlled jointly by the prior tea and a diluted cranberry. And where as the grape's organic quality helped it partially resemble the actual fruit, the cranberry's watered down nature prevents any authentication to be presented. There's a sort of absent minded raspberry aura to the flavour that's strongly shallow and jejune, and like the cranberry it tastes much more false than true. The previous green tea encores with a bold surging that climbs the back of the near completed flavour, and this surging is then aspired with the help of rough carbonation. As a whole, Celsius Wild Berry's taste was drinkable, but it wasn't something I'd really like to drink again.

Celsius Wild Berry follows smartly in the footsteps of its predecessors by providing a solid kick. I had jitter free energy for four hours before I gradually decreased back to my regular level. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), taurine, guarana, vitamin C, and several B vitamins. In the end, Celsius Wild Berry is nothing more than a unique example of mediocrity.

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