Wednesday, December 15, 2010

rip it F Bomb Energy Drink Review

rip it F Bomb's can does its job only adequately. The colour pattern is appropriate with the supposed flavour indication and the miscellaneous fruits, but overall it lacks much of any appeal or sophistication, and instead it more closely resembles a sort of childish beverage. But that isn't to say that red and blue do not work well together, as I honestly feel that they do, but it's just that the shade's of the aforementioned colours are too cheery and lighthearted for my tastes. But regardless of my opinion on the can as well as mine for the sugar free variation, I'm excited to see how the long awaited F Bomb does flavour wise.

rip it F Bomb begins an approximated cherry that's enhanced by the drink's joyous carbonation and sweetening level. It's similar tasting to the popular maraschino cherry, but while it isn't a complete mimicking, it's closer than it is to the fruit authentically. The cherry has a bit of an obscured orange bedecking that struggles to fully provide its desired influence. There's a pleasant belly of tart and sourness, and both provide a bit of a balance to the palatable sweetness, and ultimately it foreshadows onto the appearance of lime. The lime is syrupy slightly and honeyed greater than the previous cherry, and although not entirely, my degree of enjoyment was lessened some by the syrupy sweetness. There's a pineapple taste that subsists within the just former, and it attempts to act as a note and to incorporate depth, but it never is able to instill much complexity as it ends up being obscured wholly by the more potent fruits. Overall, rip it F Bomb's taste focused on a cherry lime aspect that wasn't as well done as it was in other drinks, and although it wasn't at all afflictive, it was thoroughly disappointing.

Caffeine(210mg), inositol, taurine, guarana, vitamin C, and several B vitamins are the highlights of F Bomb's ingredient cocktail, and they did well in providing a strong buzz. I had four or so hours of steady energy that didn't close with a crash. Overall, after such a longing to finally obtain rip it F Bomb, all I can say is that I'm sorely crestfallen by everything but its kick.

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