Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rockstar Roasted Espresso Review

Rockstar Roasted Espresso's can is of varying visual quality, though I'm for the most part impressed. While the eyes get much of the generally dire Rockstar design to digest, the brownish red, I feel, gives the can a subtle homey characteristic that's almost rustically appealing. It resembles what I imagine 1950's or so coffeehouses approximated, and other than the redundant usage of "espresso" on the front of the can, there's surprisingly little text to read. But despite that there's still quite a bit happening on the can, but I don't feel that it ever becomes congested as everything transitions well from one another.

Rockstar Roasted Espresso tastes much like how I drink my coffee; light on both cream and sugar, though I personally enjoy more actual coffee taste. There's initially a blandness to the flavour that thankfully mutates into the only noticeable milkiness to the body. A high fat content isn't displayed in the prior, but there's enough of a lardaceous attribute to provide the liquid with a decently thick and suety texture. There's a slight bitterness that adds a layer of dimension to each sip, though it's kept to a minimum by the fluid's exiguous sugariness. The actual coffee taste is more mild, however, than I would have liked, and its body is light on acidity and is only slightly tinted of herbal notes. The antecedent hint leads to a much more prevalent, though not exactly discrete, flavouring of a dark chocolate adumbration that sadly doesn't express an expensive or decadent caliber. Instead, the former tastes more parallel to what you'd find in a cheap store brand bag of chocolate chips, which certainly does reduce one's impression. Don't, however, get the idea that it mirrors compound chocolate or something of the such, which could of degraded the otherwise silky mouth feel into something more waxy. All in all, Rockstar Roasted Espresso provides nothing in the sense of aftertaste, which is a positive given how disappointingly diluted the flavour was.

Roasted Espresso's kick was solid but it wasn't anything I had previously not experienced. I had a two hour period of energy, and both jitters and a crash were noted. Each can contains: taurine, ginkgo, guarana, several B vitamins, and 120 mg of caffeine. In the end, Roasted Espresso is the third coffee mistake that I've reviewed by Rockstar.

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