Monday, March 21, 2011

True Colors Orange-Tangerine Energy Drink Review

Three True Colors varieties filled my local Big Lots recently, although Orange-Tangerine was the only previously non-reviewed flavour available. I payed a cheap sixty cents for it, which is better than what I paid for the earlier flavours, which were bought in a subway convenience store. The can is largely the same, and the only difference is the bottom colour, which is now orange, and the flavour indication that's partly the former and partly tangerine. Why they felt it necessary to use both words is beyond me, as one of the two would be more than sufficient with the colour of the lower half.

True Colors Orange-Tangerine's flavour is fairly inspired, and not exactly by what you would expect. It's initially faintly of orange, however it's quickly abandoned for focus upon an effervescent ginger ale taste. Both the prior and the former are diluted and rest on the verge of becoming bland, though it's more of a problem with the orange, as one naturally anticipates a strong and profound taste. A crass saccharinity is also presumed when speaking about such flavoured fizzy drinks, and despite the presence of a cogent sweetness nearing the final stages of the taste, the orange remains mostly dry to the tongue. The blatant restricting of the can suggested fruits prevents the palate from detecting any potential differences between the possible citruses, and the two could easily be used interchangeably when describing the taste. The ginger ale isn't spiced explicitly in terms of strength but when compared to the surroundings, it plays a majority in the overall mildness. There's an almost herbal bitterness present nether to the aforementioned sugary finish, and thankfully the confectionery quality keeps it from distracting too much from the experience. In the end, though the taste to True Colors Orange wasn't exactly the most pleasurable, it certainly was a fresh departure from those who are similarly flavoured.

In true True Colors fashion, I only received a two hour buzz. I had some jitters, sadly, and there was a noticeable crash afterward. Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, and several B vitamins. All in all, True Colors Orange-Tangerine does enough different for me to consider my sixty cents well enough spent, if it's only for the creativity usually absent from the parent company Prilabs.

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