Saturday, March 19, 2011

X-presso Monster Midnite Energy Coffee Review

I was pretty ecstatic when I found the ever elusive X-presso Monster Midnite recently at a local convenience store. I was actually so excited that I didn't even check the price of the coffee, not even when I was paying; I just forked over a five dollar bill, took the change, and left. Its design is kindred to many of the previous Java Monsters, and although the can doesn't exactly claim to be part of that sub-line, I'm considering it an extensional member. The red and almost golden tan works well highlighting the text against the dark wood grains, however the "coffee + energy" statement is rather redundant, as the prior is clearly suggested with the large "X-presso," and the latter is synonymous with the brand.

X-presso Monster Midnite is formulated with nitrogenated water, however this doesn't create a fizzy coffee, but it rather just gives the fluid a large foamy head. The liquid is surprisingly bland, with little flavour to be tasted. It sadly never becomes much more influenced by the morning bean beverage, but there is a mild coffee flavour present from beginning to end. There's no acidity to the former, nor is there any of the trademark bitterness, and the lack of the two makes a flavour more alike something that's only coffee flavoured instead of something that actually contains any. Sweetness is feeble as well, though saccharinity isn't something that is a hallmark with unadulterated coffee. Skim milk and heavy cream are responsible for imbuing a rich fattiness into experience, however each sip is only the slightest bit adipocerous, and it's as glaring as it is disappointing. Overall, without any satisfaction to be acquired, X-presso Monster Midnite's flavour is a boring array of coffee-staple omissions.

Each can contains: guarana, caffeine, vitamin C, inositol, several B vitamins, taurine and ginseng. From the antecedent ingredients, I received a buzz that wasn't special but it was fairly comparable to the previous coffee Monsters. I lacked jitters during and a crash after the around three or less hour kick. In retrospect, X-presso Monster Midnite is nothing but a cool can filled with a dejected flavour.

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