Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blood Energy Potion Review

Though it's as gimmicky as its zombie relative, Blood Energy Potion certainly has one of the most unique containers I've seen in my many years as a critic, and there's no reason for me to preach reasons when you can see for yourself. But what I will discuss is that I commend the focused humor that's consistent in its false expectation that vampires exist and are looking for an alternative for homo sapien blood. Another thing I personally enjoy and feel is worth noting is that the artificial blood actually looks more convincingly realistic than it does in many horror films.

The flavour is billed as fruit punch, which is probably one of the best ways to describe it. The fluid tastes of cherry that's less sweet than many before it, however it does withhold a saccharine climax that's restrained in that it compliments the fruit without becoming too much. Green grape flavour, as well as a mild tickling of cranberry, follow the prior, and the first of the recent fruits often mutates into resembling something more along the lines of red grape. The addition occurs during the aforementioned dulcet capsheaf, which allows the complex grape to enjoy a fair candy complexion. The cranberry is observed along side an appropriate tartness that, along with the previously mentioned sugar apogee, creates a surprisingly authentic experience similar to the popular cocktail interpretation of said fruit. Lime is faintly noticed and is exposed lounging within the former's tartness, and it too pleasures from the sweetness. A guava flavour ingrains itself into the latter of the flavour, however it isn't granted time to ripen or mature into much other than a note. The antecedent description is based on cold Blood, which is the way I'd recommend drinking it. When warm, the flavour's sweetness is more prominent outright, and now noticeable is an iron aftertaste that's appropriate only because of the blood theme, and not because it enhances the taste. All the fruits taste heavily abridged and are minored significantly, strength-wise, when the temperature is kindred to ours. This means that only the cherry is noticeable, which causes the experience to taste more pedestrian than it is when cold. Overall, if you're going to drink Blood, then I would advise to drink cold so that you taste a decently complex flavour.

Each pouch contains caffeine(eighty mg) and many miscellaneous ingredients that are of less importance to me. I received a kick lasting only around two hours, and it was jitter and crash free. In the end, Blood Energy Potion is certainly a unique energy product, although I can't see it seriously becoming a player in the market. But there is one thing that I want to stress, however, and it's that a clever gimmick is a more inspired attempt at notoriety than a simple reproduction of the same flavour we've all had many times.

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