Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Max Velocity Sugar Free Cherry Limeade Energy Drink Review

Max Velocity Sugar Free Cherry Limeade is a mouthful to speak and a handful to write, and unfortunately there's even more text scattered about. Cans may feature such an ample quantity of words and keep things neat, just so long as everything is organized, but the multiple orientations of statements, in addition to redundant speech, render this can as far too congested. But perhaps the biggest flaw with its appearance is the ugly colour chosen. It is fairly clever that they picked green opposed to red, liked the regular version did, you know, since each colour represents one of the alleged fruits, but the moss shade picked is certainly unappealing.

Max Velocity Sugar Free Cherry Limeade's flavour suffers from its diet nature, but one can still potentially find enjoyment. The two fruits tasted are expectantly lime and cherry, with the latter fruit dominating the generally mild experience. The former certainly influences its superior, especially in regard to the overall sourness, but it is fairly difficult to exactly pinpoint the lime. But that's not to say the cherry is stark, either, as it prefers to hesitantly hug the palate rather than outright choke it. The interpretation of the dyad are muffled and they're recognized as boring and ineptly sugared. The sweetness isn't the worst, mind you, but its demonstration isn't believable and the confectioning of the flavour isn't robust or fulfilling. Much like the red can variety, none of the sips are sufficient and you find yourself falsely dreaming that the next will relieve the wanting. As a result, the entirety of the product passes and you can't recall what you were just tasting, only that it didn't resemble what you wanted it to taste like. Overall, Max Velocity Sugar Free Cherry Limeade isn't offensive and your mouth could suffer through worse for the money spent, but it can't ever be recommended.

Each can contains: caffeine(155mg), taurine, and the typical gang of B vitamins. There was the usual three hour buzz, and it was as unexceptional as the rest of the product. In the end, Max Velocity Sugar Free Cherry Limeade fails to be a sort of guilty pleasure while at the same time it avoids complete abomination, which in turn means it escapes both partial acceptance and rejection.

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