Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stacker 2 Pounding Punch Energy Drink Review

It isn't hard for Stacker 2 Pounding Punch to look better than it previously did, but by calming down on the pink and editing out the rather frighting wasp, the can now looks a bit more focused. But with that comes problems, as it really doesn't look all too enticing nor does it really convey visual excitement, so it's likely, if not destined, to blur into obscurity in the market.

Sticky sweetness candies what is the major flavour, strawberry, to a near cloying degree. It is artificial to a fault, with it disregarding the fruit that it interprets, but it thankfully improves upon the original and is far more piercingly playful. The berry doesn't taste distracted, muffled, or as bland as it once did, and now the flavour jovially dances about the palate, spreading its blind pleasantness. There is a splash of lime that is partially sublunary to the former, and it surprisingly tastes rather genuine, even if it is nothing much but an abridged and subordinate note. But while the citrus isn't seemingly important, the sourness it demonstrates is, as it further excites and magnifies the already blissful strawberry. Much like the oft mentioned former version, there's a hollow spearmint that's indirectly tasted and mildly cools each sip, and while this doesn't have much of an effect on the distant flavours, it certainly gives the experience more intricacy to chew on. Overall, Stacker 2 Pounding Punch is an amiable improvement over the antecedent portrayal and is not difficult to drink completely, but it surely isn't to impress those virgins to the just aforementioned.

Each can contains various B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and an untold amount of caffeine, and the buzz lasted the longest it could, which unfortunately was only about one hour. Overall and despite the improvements, Stacker 2 Pounding Punch still feels like an unfinished energy drink that was prematurely released.

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Brad Porter said...

I tried the flavor it tasted like strawberries and maybe lime or lemon.

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