Sunday, September 25, 2011

X Games Energy Drink Review

Never being big into extreme sports, or really sports in general, I'm clearly not part of X Games Energy's rather niche audience, and as an outsider I can confidently say that its can doesn't appeal beyond its immediate consumers. At least half of its real estate is donated to the unprepossessing bare aluminum colour, even if it doesn't look all too bad next to the bright red, and it gives no visual reason to pick this over any other on the shelf. And then there's its name, and although it's a seemingly trivial complaint, it ends up being sort of awkward to speak thanks to the plural middle word, which leads uncomfortably to the next.

Wild Berry is the promise but it is a broken one, as X Games Energy has far more in common with Red Bull. Sure, there is actually some almost liberal detailing of the stipulated, which tastes namely of cherry and raspberry, but they're soured unevenly to the point where it's the drink's dominating aspect. Preceding is a simple layer gummy apple, a flavour that, while actually complementing the two subsequent, isn't ever actually tasted collaboratively with them. But touched upon even before that is the ascorbic and citric acid foundation, to whom gives the aforementioned its strongest likening to the still popular eight ounce drink. The experience isn't exactly sweet, at least it's kept from being overly so, and while everything before is sugared suitably, there is a bitter approximation that materializes nether to all before and extends as the product's only aftertaste. It's chiefly a pedestrian flavour, one that did not and should not have been so.

Each can contains: caffeine, guarana, ginkgo, ginseng, vitamin B, and one or two electrolytes. This isn't at all an exciting brew of ingredients, resulting in a lackluster two plus hour buzz. Overall, there's nothing honestly impressive here, so move along people until something of quality becomes available.

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Patty said...

I can honestly say I tasted this drink at the X Games event and was blown away on how amazing this drink tasted! I was so stoked on this drink that I demanded the guys behind the booth bestow drinks for our next skate event. We got lucky and got to meet the owner and investors in their VIP suite@ the X Games that same day! Few months later and we are in heaven with our new partnership and an energy drink that doesn't make you feel sick or jittery. I'm sorry Mr. Caffeine King experienced something different. I love it!!!!

Patty said...

We sampled this at the X Games and fell in LOVE! It is by far one of the best energy drinks out there. It doesn't make you feel super wired and jittery. The best part of it is the taste. I'm excited 7-11 stores are now carrying it!

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