Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tweaker Grape Energy Shot Review

Well, aren't we a cluttered little product? I obviously speak of the many tiny sentences that vary from being warnings to being selling points, but the biggest issue is the name itself. Much like the previously reviewed pomegranate variety, there's a stupid "2" following the flavour indication, which itself appears twice. But now there's even more needless text, though the picture does a poor job at proving this, with the addition of the moniker "Purple Haze." Sure, I understand the title, but just further clouds the bottle's potential clarity.

Tweaker Grape's taste doesn't feel restricted by either the artificial sugar or its fate as a shot. The fruit flavour is appropriately saccharine and its lack of distractions prove how careful the experience was conceived. Yes, you could argue against how its simplicity is not true to the fruit, but with a product designed to be finished in only a few sips, you'll likely just appreciate how pleasurable things are before it's empty. And fast consumption is ideal, because as the liquid quickly warms the sweetness thickens, and borders on being too much. The purple vine dweller is somewhat sour here, and it causes minor puckering with larger gulps, which is much easier to stomach than any classic shot bitterness. Overall, there have been many flavours tried by these popular energy concentrates, but grape isn't frequently attempted, and this is a shinning example as to why it deserves to be a flavour more companies experiment with.

There's not much to comment on an energy cocktail that utilizes all sorts of big word herbal extracts and things, as sugar and caffeine are truly what gives people the new age view of "energy." Since this, like most shots, have no sugar, it's up to the undisclosed amount of caffeine to give the consumer the kick they need, which here lasts three or so hours. In the end, Tweaker Grape's flavour is good, really good, and for the oft seen price of ninety nine cents, it's a cheap thrill that doesn't taste so.

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