Friday, December 2, 2011

Speed Fuel Energy Drink Review

Speed Fuel continues to follow the line's rather cliche trademark of basing their names off of car lingo, even if the chosen has little to do with the expected flavour. Sure, Unleaded made sense for the sugar free variety, to some extent at least, but like Octane before it, the term "Fuel" just doesn't mentally link to the orange fruit. But argue that I'm simply looking for things to find fault with, and I couldn't defend myself, because that is what I'm doing, as while the can is actually pretty good, it isn't good enough to write an entire opening paragraph about.

Well colour me surprised, and impressed, that Fuel tastes of tangerine, a fruit that's initially familiar yet slightly distinctive. The carbonation seems to dull quickly and is thus left out of the equation, but the flavour itself is powdery and light and achieves an airy mouth feel, keeping it from feeling heavy on the tongue, without the need for the sparkling bubbles. The actual taste of the citrus is quickly livened by an acute drop in the former, which combined with the effete effervescence gives the modest sized orange sphere a distinguished authenticity; moderately resembling the juice inside its easily peeled skin. Things are forty grams sweet with sugar, the real stuff, however it's respectfully reserved from cloying or being overly exposed. Speed Fuel isn't breathtaking, either in terms of originality or enjoyment, but it is my favourite in the line.

Each can contains: caffeine(139.5mg), ginseng, many vitamins starting with B, taurine, vitamin C, and guarana. I wasn't replete with energy, expectedly, during the buzz that lasted just less than three hours. Overall, Speed Fuel takes no risks and plays it entirely safe, which unfortunately dilutes its potential of being extraordinary into being just "extra ordinary."

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