Sunday, December 4, 2011

Diabolo Loco Energy Drink Review

Diabolo Loco has quite possibly the most unique alleged flavour, which is only interesting considering that this is a drink and not gum or candy. The beverage makes it a point to tell the consumer what the flavour is modeled after, with large mint leaves that really pop off of the black background. The studiously written "Diabolo" looks sharp off of the dark colour, and the bold green text below it (or is it adjacent to?), doesn't distract from any qualities the can has otherwise picked up.

Aiding in it marketability, the flavour is surprisingly tame at first, though it gains some considerable strength in a consistent fashion. It tastes of mint, expectedly, and though it only mildly cools the palate, its delicate presentation is wholly laudable and makes each sip warrants another immediate. There's only the slightest presence of menthol, which is one of what gives the herb its distinct "algid" property, and it's this balanced coyness that allows the experience to taste appropriately familiar while remaining restricted of overjoying the palate. The saccharinity is done with real sugar in cooperation with two of its artificial cousins, and they sweeten everything to a point of impressive believability. What is most surprising, however, is that there really isn't much outside the mint flavouring; sure, there's some inexact fruitiness, namely something of citrus, but its presence is not unlike notes that which can be detected in a cola or coffee. Overall, Diabolo Loco's actual flavour is familiar in taste, but not in how you experience it.

Each can contains: caffeine(160mg), inositol, various vitamins, and taurine. The kick was typical, lasting around three hours, and it was jitters like any. All in all, Diabolo Loco evinces such creativity and sophistication that it's rather generic buzz is excusable.

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Jessica said...

This drink is delicious!! I love it!!

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