Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whoopass Energy Drink Review

Whoopass, or "Who Pass" as I first thought, is a buck ninety nine retailing energy drink that has redesigned its original mess of a can into something a lot more consistent and aggressive. But lost within all the changes is personality, as there isn't here that we haven't seen done before, save for its name, which actually is a decent choice. Regardless though, it is an improvement, even if it comes without any character.

Taken aback after my first sip, the flavour is a surprisingly sour balancing of namely raspberries and pomegranate. Red raspberry, initiating the experience well with the aid of the acidic characteristic, soon fades into the latter's appearance, however the transition is unemotionally done and hardly noticeable, thanks to the rearmost's lack of personal individuality and quick absorption of the former's. Things then become a bit of a mess, as you're introduced to several incomplete tastes that lack purpose and structure. Red grape is one of these needless additions, as well as black and blueberry, and they're just a little too strong to be considered notes. They also do not deepen any existing flavours, and they actually taste distant and stubbornly uninvolved. There is, however, something of vanilla to each sip, with it bringing a sort of creamy depth to the first two predominate. As things close we lose a lot of the initial sourness and things get sweeter, more so than ever before, and the final flavour noticed is blue raspberry. It's an unexceptional taste, with very little detail and stupid simplicity, but it connects the drink's finish to its antecedent red variety; giving Whoopass a satisfying sense of completion that's thankfully not lost within the myriad of flavours.

Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), taurine, vitamins, minerals etc.- nothing you can't find out for yourself with the aid of the Internet. The kick was nothing spectacular, the typical four hour long buzz, however there were some jitters to this opened can of Whoopass. In the end, this isn't an energy drink that strikes me as particularly interesting or game changing, and it seems happy with being just another energy drink.

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