Thursday, December 8, 2011

Launch Peppermint Energy Gum Review

The design looks good in blue, more so than it did in green, but it's now simply exhausting to look at. Sure, there's the gimmicky can, which is molded after that of an energy drink, but with an equally fatiguing degree of text, Launch Peppermint Energy Gum is needlessly overstuffed with too many visuals.

The smooth surfaced gum cracks with minimal force, and it displays perfect elasticity with only a few chews. The initial fissures leak out the strong taste of peppermint, and the flavouring then rapidly intensifies, albeit a bit too strongly. But it's short lived, the taste that is, as the malleable substance itself becomes quickly bland to the tongue. Don't fret, my little readers, as it's relieving to be relieved of the pungent aforementioned. Your palate is still soaked of the distinct herb, meaning you're still exposed to the trademark taste, but now the supple, stretchy material you chew serves no purpose in the way of flavour; spit it out and pop another one of the two piece serving in your mouth. Overall, Launch Peppermint is a decent energy gum, one that tastes like it should.

Two pieces contain: caffeine(122.6mg), taurine, inositol, and several B vitamins. The kick was nothing special, lasting an hour or so, but that's only with one serving. Overall, Launch Peppermint Energy Gum does what it promises, but don't expect it to go up and beyond.

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