Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bustelo Cool Cafe Mocha Energy Coffee Review

With the declaration of being an "energized coffee beverage" lost within the the top of the can, this uniquely identified product has an appreciated vintage look. However, it's one that appeals to those exhausted by their many energy experiences more so than the typical tunnel visioned drinker. The miss sipping within the red "v" is a bit too much, though, not only for me but for the design as a whole, as it distractedly feels wrongly permitted of such a prominent location.

Coffee drinks gets very technical, with slight variations sometimes warranting unique names, but this canned interpretation of the bean brew is very bland and lacks anything distinguishing. Served iced cold, I will laud the fair strength of actual coffee, an initially dominating taste that appears only ever creamed, but it's rules with a plastic rather than an iron fist, and it quickly loses power to the skimmed milkiness that's scarcely tinted of mocha. It actually never dawned on me that things were intended to be chocolaty, and unfortunately only the tail of any given sip is sweet, preceded by the yucky bulking of water to the preliminary creaminess. The experience does thankfully avoid much of any bitterness, at least of any medicinal or unpleasant, but not even an ounce of the can's eight is personality.

Eighty milligrams of caffeine has been added, but whether or not it includes that found in the coffee itself is dismally unspecified. Either way, though, the kick was unimpressive, not lasting well past the hour mark. Overall, this is less of an "energized" coffee beverage and more of an "enervated" one.

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