Saturday, December 31, 2011

Your Drink Sucks 2011

Some things are just so bad that they deserve to be criticized again, so here's a convenient list of 2011's worst energy products(call me Mr. Pessimistic Pants if you wish).

*Note, these were not necessarily released in 2011, but all were reviewed in 2011

Archer Farms Vanilla

Energy coffees often times fail to differentiate themselves from each other, but the three Archer Farms varieties are notable for being just so rotten.

Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks
I can sometimes feel a bit bad lamenting something I got for free, but when it sucks as bad as this did, I truly could care less.

FMF Power Fruit Punch

In all honesty, both varieties in the FMF line suck, it's just that Fruit Punch tastes just that much worse.

Cumby's Chill Zone NRG Kick

Though this is actually contains a decent helping of caffeine for an energy soda, 170mg, I absolutely hated everything else about it.

Power Trip The Extreme

Power Trip "The Extreme" proves that potency doesn't always outweigh stupid names and dire flavours.

Speed Unleaded

Speed is a rather new line, to me and the world, and it's unfortunate that they already have such an abhorrent variety.

Stacker 2 Java Shot Mojo Mocha

Aside from its ugly, cocky, bitter, and crappiness, this isn't really all that bad of a shot.

Monster Rehab Protean

Just barely making the list, Rehab Protean is a painful example of Monster's uneven business practices.

UpCake Energy Brownie

Nothing kills a baker more so than a shamelessly bad baked good, and this is such a product, worse if imaginable, and is easily the worst of this year.

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Anonymous said...

Monster Rehab Protean should be #1 That stuff is awful.

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