Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Value Energy Lightning Punch Review

Faster than a speeding bullet, generic “MiO” style energy drink mixes are already breeding on store shelves, with this green “Lightning Punch” variety belonging to Wal Mart's Great Value line. But it is not a pretty knock off, even if the two colours work exceptionally well, as for starters the bottle is cluttered beyond being saved, or at least things are not thoughtfully organized. The outlined man striking a running pose is lost within the black background, and the logo is much to small that it falls out of focus and leaves the bottle without much of an immediate brand for consumers to identify. Though perhaps the latter argument is just something generic products do, as they rely on similar looking packages to be purchased, but the fact of the matter remains that this water enhancer simply does not look good.

The cap snaps open cheaply and clicks closed with no satisfaction, and my sixteen ounce glass reeked the stank of the worst Red Bull clone once two servings of concentrate were added. Two is simply not enough, with a cup of water simply requiring more than one meager squirt. Four ended up displaying the mysterious flavour that is “Lightning Punch” decently enough, and one additional ended up giving each sip a rather unpleasant thickness that distracts from the experience's idiosyncrasies. Like a certain name brand variety that surely inspired this, things taste blandly of citrus, a complicated blend full of one note fruits. Lime is prominent but not dominate, stupefyingly simple to the tongue and is almost as sour as it is sweet- and boy, is this baby sweet. Pineapple, with its natural sharpness and sugariness, feels right at home in this syrup, although present in a stumblingly simple manner, and the same goes for the equally flat presence of guava. But your tongue is definitely reminded of MiO Green Thunder, so mission accomplished, guys.

About half a teaspoon of the concentrate is a single serving, which is the recommended amount for an eight ounces serving of water, but the caffeine content is only fifty milligrams, down ten from the name brand. Four or so servings renders you an energy drink with 200mg plus, kick lasting for four hours. In the end, this is one of the better generic products, one that doesn't make you wish that you had bought the real stuff instead.


Pierced_0ne said...

I've been adding this to Mtn Dew (any variety) since buying it, and it tastes awesome! I added it to water once, and was amazed at how bad it tastes, add on to that how it almost separates, just ew.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutly disgusting! Ive tried to drink it several times as i have the bottle of it sitting at my desk. But I cant, i can only take one sip and then i need to pour it out. I can t believe some people like this stuff. Ive had there version on the cherry limeade and its great as well as the lemonade is really good too. But this one YUCK!

Rhianna Jockisch said...

I use the lightening punch (half squirt) mixed with cherry limeade (full squirt) in my 24 oz water bottle I carry and it's perfect. I don't like the lightening punch by itself it's pretty sour and gross. It's ok with the blueberry also.

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