Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABB Speed Shot Grape Frost Energy Drink Review

"Baby, it's cold outside," well at least where I leave, and this obnoxious lyric was vaguely inspired by the "Frost" in "ABB Speed Shot Grape Frost." Its bottle is still too big for self declaration as an energy shot, but the design has sort of grown on me. Now I can see the care put into the locations of statements, even though they often go unexplained and lead to more confusion than what they are worth.

Grape is a flavour that requires great sweetening, something that is thankfully provided in both quantity and quality. Sure, the zero grams of sugar per bottle is rather obvious with each sip, but you aren't greeted by blunt artificiality or bland saccharinity. What you are exposed to candies the fruit, something it necessitates for such a labeling, and with only eight ounces things cleverly avoid overstaying their welcome. There's some tartness present, not exactly depth defying but appreciated regardless, and it cloaks somewhat of a medicinal property who's length and initial strength is kept ever so mild. Overall, ABB Speed Shot Grape Frost's taste is a pleasureful experiment in unoriginality.

250 milligrams of caffeine is enough to feed my horse and giddy it up, for at least four hours. In the end, ABB Speed Shot Grape Frost does enough things right to outweigh the confusion and negatives.

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