Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rockstar Xdurance Energy Drink Review

Rockstar Xdurance, with the alleged flavour of blueberry pomegranate acai, reminds one of another Rockstar, also low carb and impressively caffeinated. This is of course the enjoyable “Zero Carb” variety, which is still currently in production, rendering this new addition to the line seemingly redundant. We will not know if this is simply a redesign until we crack open the can, speaking of which, though, its aluminum transport is a disorganized wreck. On the positive side, it certainly has an appealing colour scheme, and the honeycomb effect is smartly scarce, but there is absolutely no flow to how it reads and it loses much of any potential the individual parts have.

Carbonated and sugar free, much unlike the also new coconut variety, Xdurance is an initially pleasant affair of wholly standard tastes, all who have little going for themselves separately. Your tongue is first splashed with blueberry, a wisely dry, in wine-tasting terms, flavour who demonstrates only a basic knowledge of how the fruit is supposed to taste. There is some livening tartness that thankfully arrives, brought in when the expected pomegranate opens the door to the experience. It too lacks a domineer sweetness, however here it mourns the absence and lays lackadaisically on your unimpressed palate. The can calls for acai but instead both black and raspberry come out to play, but neither are able to excite such a moribund experience. There is a dull edge of cherry, swallowed dead within the rough effervescence, and as you could guess, this recent Rockstar is unfortunately a boring one

240 milligrams of caffeine is a worthwhile amount, and there is also taurine, guarana, B vitamins, green tea and other supplements to boot. The kick lasts four and a half hours easy, and even with the occasional jitters, it is easily Rockstar Xdurance's best feature.

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