Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thinq Citricity Energy Drink Review

This tall twelve ounce can is quite a looker, sexy at times, sleek almost always. But there sadly is some excess text, with its slogan, or whatever you want to call it, dragging on too long even if it furthers its individuality. Almost trying not to call itself an “energy drink,” it prefers to say "focus+mood enhancer," unfortunately becoming more confusing than unique.

“Citricity” is a rather clever name, and the orange on the can alludes to the actual flavour. However the taste, a complex cocktail of clementine and orange, has initially a sharp juicy wateriness to it, who imitate the fruits organically, complete with a dazzling tartness that is only helpful to its desired naturalness. It is an impressive impersonation, but things are generally not sweet enough, even with fifteen grams of sugar and some Stevia for good measure. Resultingly each sip is bored of itself, thus boring the drinker, but thankfully the diminutive twelve ounces flash by swiftly and without agony. Overall, Thinq Citricity is a painless product that is not worth your tongue's time.

Each can contains: caffeine, ginkgo, some complicatedly spelled herbs and extracts, and Vitamins A, D, and many of B. The kick, or should I say “focus+mood enhancement,” lasted just under two hours, unsurprisingly though still unimpressively. In the end, Thinq Citricity is a visually beautiful beverage that drinks blandly.

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