Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Rain Berry Energy Shot Review

Red Rain Berry Energy Shot looks as good as possible being found in a Wal Mart clearance. Sure it is a bit crowded, and absolutely the text is much too ample, but the squiggly line insignia of the brand is sorta cool looking, and the faded red encased in black is probably the best scheme of colours they could have utilized.

The seal is not broken or missing, so it must be safe to consume, with my finger nail running through the thin plastic surprisingly and unusually well. The flavour is not much to bark at, with all the wateriness of any shot, though here, ice cold at least, there is not much of any bitterness. It is not medicinally sharp to the tongue, but there is not much of an actual taste, however, nothing resembling berry that is. The experience is an insipid shell, the fruit's skin if you will, without any of the juicy flesh to savour. Things are at least halfway tart, doing the shot more good than it probably should, and the only satisfaction that comes with the final sip is that that ends the consumer's misery of blandness.

Taurine, caffeine, B vitamins, N-acetyl, and L-tyosine make up the supplement's cocktail, an unfortunate one that does not disclaim any exact amounts. The kick lasted something over two hours, under three, and there was nothing of a crash afterward. Overall, Red Rain Berry Energy Shot rightfully belongs in discount, but not necessarily in the trash.

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