Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Caffeinall Gourmet Caffeine Review

Caffeinall has a good idea to work with, but packaging wise it falls flat on its irrelevant lips. Since the label does not extend all around the glass, it crams and condenses all the necessary text into too small of an area. And then there is the actual design, which is probably one of the least interesting for any energy product in quite some time, with a stock tie dyed background to an equally boring kiss stain.

Now, Caffeinall is simply bulked caffeine, with the sweet polysaccharide maltodextrin being utilized much like in those bagged sugar substitutes. However unlike the only other caffeine mix experienced, 5150, this is not otherwise sweetened, often rendering less sugary products bitter and medicinal with any generous helping. Pourable like a salt shaker, each sprinkle is roughly thirty milligrams, which means at least three are required to ever be comparable to something reviewed on this site, and this rules out tap water, and anything else bland, from being converted into such a product.

But the vast majority of soft drinks work, whether it is a soda, like Moxie, or even an energy drink, such as Slap Frost Low Calorie. But then there are refreshments like Dr Pepper Ten and Cott Beverage's “Diet Cola,” who's tastes are not affected more so than are their carbonation, with intense foaming occurring soon after your addition, phasing out much of their effervescence. But with beverages, the powder never seems to dissolve, with an edge of unsightly sand always caking to the can or glass. Thankfully though, save for the occasional speck caught in the gap between your teeth, you can not detect the granules when you sip. A bowl of Frosted Toast Crunch gave no mention of the two servings added, though whether or not the cereal is any good is another story. Overall, experimenting with this oddball is absolutely required, but the fun of caffeinated homemade chicken soup is more than worth the research.

90mg gets you a kick lasting two hours, tops, and doubling that thusly doubles the duration. All in all, Caffeinall fulfills its potential, and earns a spot next to my matching salt and pepper shakers.

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