Friday, January 27, 2012

ABB Extreme Speed Stack Cranapple Twist Energy Drink Review

Black and red and slightly confused, ABB Extreme Speed Stack Cranapple Twist is not all that bad looking. Its may issue, however, aside from its exhaustingly lengthy name, is that while you identify its potency through its visual abnormalities, when compared to typical energy drinks, it feels a bit overbearing, almost as if it is trying to limit its potential market.

The cracking of the cap's removal lead to the first sip, redolent of the supposed two fruits more so than is the taste. The flavour depicts what is believed to be apple and cranberry in a vapid and watery fashion, not so unlike those innutritious fruit flavoured kids drinks. The beverage is sweet, almost overly so, contributing to both the thick finish and the overarching asperity, the latter partially and thankfully abating as things progress. There is a little tartness to things, appreciatively and effectively stirring an otherwise stagnant experience, though it is not enough to save either the beverage itself or the drinker from total misfortune.

Twenty calories, guarana, taurine, 300mg of caffeine, and a whole slew of turgid herbs and extracts alike, make up the supplement cocktail. The kick was pretty great, though, lasting five hours long easy, with a mild touch of jitters. In the end, ABB Extreme Speed Stack Cranapple Twist is effective as an energy supplement but not as a refreshment.

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