Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amp Energy Gum Review

Amp Energy Gum actually does not look too shabby, save for being a bit wordy. The design flows well, with your eyes moving smoothly to each large chunk of text to the next, and the actual background is recognizable and truly not that bad to look at. Regardless, though, there is simply too much writing for its own good, but it is not as big a problem as with the cans.

Citrus is a unique flavour for gum in general, let alone an energy gum, and for most of the time each chew is mindfully playful. The shell cracks like cement in an earthquake, with shards soon crumbling into dust, and the gum itself is initially resistant to the grinding of teeth. It gives way soon enough, and now tastes of lemon, a mild flavour in a mild experience, and it lacks natural a sourness as it twists around the similar presence of lime. The two are difficult to differentiate, at least at first, especially as the two tumble into a blend of apple and guava, with neither new addition being anything more than a stock demonstration. Innuendos of cherry and passion fruit are discernible, albeit hardly, and they complicate the existing cocktail rather than giving it depth. Things are sugar free but not noticeably, and you never really get a mouth full of herbal or bitterness, surprising considering that one would not think the calm citrus taste would be able to cloak them.

Some B vitamins, taurine, and eighty milligrams of caffeine per two pieces is the driving force behind the hour plus long kick, a mediocre one at that, jitterless yes but not particularly strong. Overall, Amp Energy Gum Citrus tastes pretty good, at least it is imaginative, but things are not exactly consistent, neither the product or my praise.

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