Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Value Energy Cherry Limeade Review

Great Value Energy Cherry Limeade sports a two tone colour scheme that is not particularly unappealing but also not appealing. It is a bit busy, sodden with text that further disrupts the flow of the design, and the physical container is a painful genericization of the real thing.

The recommended dosage per eight ounces leaves the resulting drink still stained of the minerals from my tap's hard water, so a few more additions were in order. Doubling the suggested serving roughly is thankfully enough to disguise the former problem, with the flavour now resembling any fabrication of cherry, with considerably less attention focused on the lime. But all those squirts seemed to have simply replaced the issue with another, the preposterous sweetening, a benumbing saccharinity that is syrupy and thick regardless of how well you try to emulsify the two liquids. Though the ingredients state otherwise you believe neither flavour is naturally derived, both validating an unnerving artificiality that only furthers the experience's ferine simplicity.

With four servings comes 200 milligrams of caffeine, some ginseng, taurine, guarana, and a few B vitamins, and the kick is decent and does not leave one crashed afterward. All in all, I would recommend drinking Great Value Energy Cherry Limeade for its kick if that did not entail having to actually drink it.

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