Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bustelo Cool Cafe Con Leche Canned Coffee Review

Distinctly retro, Bustelo Cool Cafe Con Leche is largely similar to the Mocha variety reviewed earlier this year, though this predominately yellow can is not marketed as being an energy beverage. The positively bright colour thankfully helps the eight ounce refreshment jump off the shelve, much more so than does the brown of its sibling, however it still does not look very exciting nor does it make the drinker very excited.

No forced flavours distract from the initially explicit coffee taste, who follows a sugary and watery fattiness, with the latter becoming ever more platitudinous with the more one sips. Coconut oil and milk do the creaming, inadequately and disenchantingly so, saturating two plus of the three and a half grams of fat. The espresso flavour itself has a rather extolling bitterness, nothing medicinal and is only appropriate, although itself is a weak brew, thinning quickly on the tongue and never vindicating much complexity. The experience is most certainly unstimulating, however the undersized can and the surprising drinkability never grant enough time for the experience to become exhausting.

This is not an energy drink, just a humble canned coffee, though the undisclosed caffeine content of the joe did not perk me up much. This was not entirely unpredicted, however even as a simple pre-packaged espresso, Bustelo Cool Cafe Con Leche leaves one shaking their head instead of leaving one impressed.

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