Saturday, February 4, 2012

Give Lite Tangerine Melon Energy Drink Review

For ninety five cents, this dented can of Give Lite Tangerine Melon was well worth my trip to a local dump of a discount store. The packaging certainly challenges the stereotypical visuals for energy drinks, offering something artistically consistent and unexampled. However, the design is a bit soft, almost too much so, and thus consumers may not approach the beverage seriously.

Intentionally dry with an unmistakable seltzer roughness, each sip shocks the palate with this well orchestrated unexpectedness. The tongue soon becomes accustomed to the bluntness, authorizing the yielding tastes to progressively demonstrate their firm authenticity.The flavours are fully realized, both the mild namesake and the ensuingly bitter yerba mate, the latter of which is tightly controlled and surprisingly appropriate. The experience is a thoroughly refreshing one, with all the peculiarities alienating some while ultimately contributing to its balanced uniqueness.

There is nothing really special about this energy blend, containing undisclosed levels of caffeine, guarana, and ginkgo. The buzz was two and a half hours long, offering no jitters and resulting in no crash. In the end, Give Lite Tangerine Melon's stimulating personality has only strengthened my interest in the line.

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Anonymous said...

The aftertaste was the worst thing my mouth has ever experienced. Something on the lines of pencil erasers. Worst drink ever. I have tried just about every "energy" drink imaginable, and this is hands down the worst.

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