Monday, February 6, 2012

Jitsu 2X Energy Shot Review

Jitsu 2X comes in a busy bottle, though it works this oft negative by forcing its aggressiveness, successfully differentiating itself from many other shots. It thankfully is clean enough to get its point across and for one to surely identify the brand, but with such small real estate to utilize, companies really should be a bit more cautious about how much text they cram onto a little label.

Jitsu 2X is a watery cooperation of fake orange and its following bitterness. The latter is mild but ever still detected, and the experience's tepid sweetness never seems to dissuade it from pressing onto almost each sip. The citrus taste is symmetrically temperate, though it should be more demanding than it or the astringency is. At least it should have some depth, a touch of tartness or something; anything to spice up such an unenthusiastic flavour. But in all honesty, none of the sips here are very painful, not for very long anyway, and you should breeze through the two ounce bottle in no time.

The ingredient cocktail is needlessly cryptic thanks to the use of an "energy blend," with the caffeine content not specified. Various B vitamins and some taurine round out the supplement facts, with many other long words also mentioned, with the kick about three hours long. Overall, Jitsu 2X is not necessarily a bad energy shot, it just is not much to write home about.

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