Thursday, April 26, 2012

4C Totally Light 2 Go Energy Rush Sugar Free Strawberry Energy Mix Review

The nauseating pink of both the box and sachet is far too much for either, though the other colours succour whenever they actually appear. The major source of abatement is the logo, a large blue trimmed black circle, an otherwise messy insignia that is uselessly cluttered because they felt the need to cram all the wording into such a compact area. The space outside the dark ring is no better however, bleakly blank that would equally benefit from a fairer spread of the text. And do not even get me started on that such long name.

Being carbonated the product did not need many shakes, lest we lose the gimmicky effervescence. The shaken, not stirred, beverage smells of creamy strawberry, unpleasantly reminding one of such ice cream. The flavour is actually quite good, tasting authentically of the namesake with a cherry innuendo. The red berry is not very detailed but is expectedly sweetened, a clean presence that has a refreshing edge of tartness, with the cherry rounding out the simple focus. The texture is fluid with each of the numerous grains dissolving, and the bubbly artifice is calm but gives the experience some distinction. While there has never been an energy mix that would be chosen over an equal energy drink, the remaining thirteen packets will certainly be enjoyed.

Each pouch contains: caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins, a positively mediocre blend that produced an even weaker buzz. The energy lasted two plus hours, three if you are lucky and four if I am paid. In the end, Energy Rush Sugar Free Strawberry Energy Mix was absolutely inconsistent, but the uniqueness of the flavour certainly charmed me.

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