Saturday, April 28, 2012

GAzZU Low Carb Energy Drink Review

GAzZU was one of the more original generic energy drinks I have encountered, so there was no hesitation sinking $1.89 into its low calorie brethren. Its can uses blue rather than the green of its sugared sibling, the go-to colour for diet beverages that sadly does not work wonders with the design. It is not that it looks bad, not at all, but the primary really should bounce off of the black rather than fade into it.

The switch to artificial sweeteners is more of an unfortunate mutation rather than seamless change, as the once unique flavour now flounders in a puddle of unfocused ambition. It tastes dryly of blueberry, with a forceful powdery and chalky mouthfeel that welcomes both some black and raspberry. These fruits are hollowed of authenticity and void of personality, and with such a dulled sweetness it would be impossible for them to be candied. They sort of just sit on the tongue and stimulate little arousal, interacting minimally with the former and resulting in an uncharismatic beverage.

Each can contains the following: caffeine(240mg), taurine, several B vitamins, and inositol. The buzz was certainly powerful, lasting for a solid four hours before the slight crash. Overall, GAzZU Low Carb is only worth drinking for its kick, and even then its strength is not unheard of.

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