Monday, April 2, 2012

AMP Active Lemonade Energy Drink Review

The evolution from an edgy and misguided Mtn Dew spin off to the current functional look is a bit drastic, but a well played move regardless. I of course mean in general, because the dominant yellow used is too much and could be mistaken for mustard at first glance. And despite having some detail on the lower half, it cannot shake its overall emptiness.

There is not too terribly strong a scent when you first put your nose into the noisy bubbly, and although its flavour is thankfully firmer, it sits on the tongue mildly and never forces the consumer to take needless time. It sips stellarly smooth while obviating from mimicking the quaffability of a drink without carbonation, something this product produces heartily. The citrus sports a superior sweetness and features a pleasant sourness, both of which give the lemonade a familiar authenticity. The fruitiness is pure and unadulterated, which could have been something of a double edged sword considering the flavour ran the possibility of becoming boring. That delightedly was never an issue, and is right up there with the best lemonades available.

Each sixteen ounces contains caffeine(160mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, and some B vitamins. There are also some electrolytes, but the can claims they are simply for flavour. The kick was expectedly pretty average, lasting not a moment over three hours, and its strength was equally unexceptional. All in all, AMP Active Lemonade does taste pretty dang good, but it comes down to whether or not one can look past its otherwise mediocrity.

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