Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fuel Energy Drink Review

The disappointment that has become my local Big Lots recently redeemed itself partially with Fuel. It is a completely generic looking drink, one with stock flames that engulf an equally hackneyed logo, complete with all the stupid statements one wishes for on a can, like "high octane," and "fueled with B vitamins." Its aluminum bottle is pretty cool though, reminiscent of Venom and the likes, only not nearly as creative.

The cap screws off with an unexcited rush of effervescence, adducing the can's claim to being only "slightly" carbonated. Thankfully and surprisingly so, the flavour is a lot more imaginative, tasting strongly of chilled lemon and melon, both copiously sugared but melodiously so. Lime and guava are present on the tongue as well, more so as notes and they bring extolled extensity to an already rapturous refreshment. They are identically tart, a dynamic yet unflappable acidity that is almost as concentrated as the equally reserved sweetness. The mouthfeel is finely arenose, a common texture that gives each sip a bit more dimension. Overall, my inimical expectation of a Red Bull clone was shot by the bullet of consistent restraint fired by the gun of pleasant inspiration.

Each can contains: caffeine(240mg), some B vitamins, taurine, inositol, guarana, and l-carnitine. The ingredient cocktail provided enough energy to pass the four hour mark, a smooth buzz that did not end with a crash. All in all, Fuel may not be pictorially impressive, but it is well worth the sixty cents paid.

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