Friday, April 20, 2012

Redline Xtreme Lime Energy Drink Review

Only the second Redline to be reviewed, this Lime variety is equally unappealing as was the otherwise enjoyable Watermelon flavour a few years ago. It is not convincing as an energy drink, and it surely should try harder not to look so child and amateurish. It appears awkward with itself, and with an impressive 316mg of caffeine, it should complete the more aggressive style it unmistakably wants.

Initially a bland beverage that swiftly tastes plumply of the promised, this Redline flavour is an easy eight ounces down. The citrus has a rough medicinal edge thanks to the abounding ingredients, however it gives the unexcessive sourness some punch and dimension. The sweetness is timid and artificial but does its job regardless, though thankfully we are always focused more on the acidity than saccharinity with this green complement to lemon. Though the Watermelon variety was more unique and enjoyable, colour me impressed with my second dance with the company.

There is 316mg of caffeine and a whole slew of other supplements, whose grandiloquent names would waste both your and my time. The buzz lasted just under the five hour mark, and the strength was among the strongest experienced in some time. Overall, Redline Xtreme Lime gets a whole lot better if you can look past its heedlessly designed bottle.

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