Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slap Crisp Apple Frozen Energy Review

This is easily the most novel energy product of the year, with the gimmick of a take-home energy slush admittingly a pretty cool one. But that is not to say the packaging is all sound, as while the look is moderately consistent the pouch becomes a bit long winded, as the potency declaration and subjacent contest banner are too large if they need be present at all. It does standout among the other energy drinks on the shelve, though one does wonder why the consumer must freeze them themselves rather than directly purchasing them from the store's chill chest.

Stubbornly slippery and awkward in the palm, getting a firm hold of the ice crusted pouch proved harder than anticipated. The flavour is surprisingly familiar, tasting obviously of apples but laudably authentically, though the constant massage to persuade the slush to the top is wearisome. The experience is a refined pluralism of various varieties, none selectively seen and instead viewed as one, thick with dimension and incredibly complex. It is tart but balanced by its surpassing sweetness, thirty seven grams of nectar that surely contribute to the product's steep 230 calories. The texture to the frigid pulp is dense with ice shards but is otherwise smooth, though the consistency is actually more alike that of a swiftly thawing freezer pop rather than the machine churned Slush Puppie, Icee, or Slurpee found at any convenience store. Overall, though the flavour itself was nothing spectacular, the viscosity and method of consumption truly gave this its identity.

Each plastic purse provides: caffeine(140mg), taurine, and some B vitamins. Two plus hours lasted the buzz, of typical strength but not without jitters. In the end, Slap Crisp Apple Frozen Energy's arctic artifice is pretty cool, and overall it kicks some serious ice.

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