Thursday, May 24, 2012

Killer Buzz Zilch Energy Drink Review

Different if not somewhat more humorous text on its side and a swap from green to blue: and we have all that is new from the original Killer Buzz variety. The baby shade of the aforementioned colour and the bare aluminum makes the can look a bit too obviously low calorie, but the two are balanced between the black, and the latter keeps the drink looking like a serious energy drink.

Though a Red Bull clone was wholly anticipated, the flavour is pleasantly more unique, albeit probably just because it deviates partially from the negative expectations. There is still the trademark cotton candy taste, however here it is descried alone from the usual suspects with an impressive sham sweetness and tangy tartness. The fairy floss flavour has a halcyon hue of blueberry, an uncomplicated savour that flourishes within the excited sugariness despite its quietude. Overall, while not the most original flavour, it tastes good enough and has just enough of a personality.

The buzz is of standard strength, lasting four or so hours with no crash. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), taurine, B vitamins, inositol, and a plethora of amino acids. All in all, Killer Buzz Zilch is a well-rounded energy drink that will not make you round.

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