Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stacker 2 Java Shot Hopped Up Hazelnut Energy Shot Review

Equally ugly with an identically dumb name, Stacker 2 Java Shot Hopped Up Hazelnut looks no better than does the mocha variety I previously had the misfortune of experiencing. The bottle is awkwardly shaped and the label has no flair or personality, and looks more like a slacker's last minute Photoshop project than it does a professional design.

From the knowledge acquired during my review of its line brother, you may want something to wash this surprisingly pleasantly scented shot down. Your first sip is actually not as bad as honestly expected, at least it is not a poor as was the mocha variety, however it is never a pleasure to drink nor should you go without a chaser. There is a pungent bitterness that greets your palate, tasting questionably medicinal with a background of instant java badness and zero depth, and while the bottle hails "premium coffee" under its ingredients, you would never know by drinking it. But the product has a rather decent sweetness, along side the unexpectedly affable hazelnut taste, who together keep the experience from failing as hard as anticipated. Never get the impression that this is something worth the probably discounted price tag, because although it is a great improvement over Mojo Mocha, it is still nasty.

Each three ounce bottle contains: caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and yerba mate. The kick was enough to sooth my additive requirements of the abused stimulant, and it lasted something over two hours or so. In the end, Hopped Up Hazelnut is another, but not equally, crappy Stacker 2 Java Shot.

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