Tuesday, May 22, 2012

XS Orange Blast Energy Drink Review

The logo is easily lost within the background and the orange colour is a bit too much, but the can is clean and reads well. Its official name is "Naranja" Blast, and the paragraph on the back is written in Spanish also; perhaps my obtuseness is getting the best of me, but I am not quite sure why the can is trying so hard to be bilingual.

The citrus tasted is an unenthusiastic facsimile of something a lot more vibrant, complete with a dull sugariness and a boring tartness. The fruit has no depth yet tries for a more honest expression, however its lack of detail and poor mimicking halt its sluggish attempt. It is closer to tangerine or mandarin than orange, however your uninterested tongue could care less. Its sweetness tastes glaringly artificial despite its mildness and its proprietary herbal blend bitterly burns. Your battered palate hurrays with your last sip, a cancelled suffering that goes on for twelve ounces too long.

With caffeine(124.5mg), taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, and other herbs, the kick lasts two hours tops. Overall, XS Orange Blast just does not taste good, and your sufferings are rewarded only with a mediocre kick.

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