Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big RedJak Low Carb Energy Drink Review

Big RedJak Low Carb's can uses mostly a two tone colour scheme of red and silver that just do not compliment one another. The silver, chosen to immediately tell drinkers this is low calorie, is definitely the problem colour, as it has an ugly bare aluminum quality that is not often associated with high quality.

The flavour's initial contact is sour bluntly, but pleasingly so even if it is a bit stronger than you may expect, however there is not much of a distinct flavour. Sure, there is some vanilla to taste, but just barely, and judging by what one can taste it is not very authentic to its expensive inspiration. There is also some blue raspberry to note, and it plays well within the stupid feebleness of the general experience because it inheritably is a stupidly simple flavour. There is also some red raspberry noticeable, and though it is more genuine than its blue brother, neither itself or the tartness it displays taste convincing nor does it provide any naturalness for the wholly inorganic flavour. The taste of green grapes is noticeable after all the former, and for something appearing so late it is surprisingly stark. It builds off of the preceding raspberries initially but quickly becomes more of its own taste, but with soft suggestions to what originally inspired it. Overall, Big RedJak Low Carb's taste has a lot going on, but not much going for it.

The buzz was what one expects from your typical drink, with three or so hours of actual energy. Each can contains: caffeine(164mg), inositol, ginseng, taurine, and several B vitamins. In the end, Big RedJak Low Carb is worth the premium price tag of seventy cents that Big Lots charges, but the unexceptional quality is probably why it is there in the first place.

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