Friday, May 18, 2012

Max Velocity Uncaged Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

I first had this variety in Albertson's Max Velocity line years ago in 2007, and it is still as ugly as when first encountered. The background colour truly is not harsh to look at, however the cheetah is incredibly out of place, and the text uses some of the oldest and most cliché clichés in the book.

The flavour is surprisingly tame, a mild exercise with grapefruit and lemon braiding and greeting the palate to a rather pleasant sixteen ounces. Unfortunately the sweetness is emollient and there is honestly only the slightest excuse for sourness; the former flourishing and the latter languishing therefore. Admiringly things center around the fruit that has made Fresca so peculiar, and the dry ginger ale finish bodes well with the experience. But being sugar free, there is an unusually potent artificiality to the saccharinity, not disgustingly so but resembles any old fashioned diet soda despite implementing the renowned ace-k and sucralose blend. It sips placidly at a shocking pace, refreshing but with hardly any time remitted for anything but gulps. Overall, Max Velocity Uncaged Sugar Free's taste is equal part enjoyable and problematic, germinating something stuck in the middle of the two.

There is not much power behind each two plus hour kick, since containing only: caffeine(155mg), taurine, inositol and some B vitamins. On the whole, being a rather early generic drink who was not a Red Bull clone, Max Velocity Uncaged Sugar Free holds up surprisingly well even if there are definitely some problems.

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