Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mona Vie EMV Energy Drink Review

With 160 calories, such a small can makes sense because no one would buy a drink with 320 units of food energy. The black does what the silver of the Lite alternative could not, achieving a decent degree of pictorial luxury. The absence of visuals is acceptable when a can looks as sophisticated as it does, however the longer you look at the exclusive background color and white text, it begins to become a little boring.

The surprising dryness of the Lite variety is betrayed for a puckering sourness and more mainstream sweetness. The flavor remains still a goulash of fruits, again notably apple and grape, however the acai is far more pronounced, probably thanks to the gigantic juice percentage increase of from twenty eight to eighty, making each sip a lot more vibrant and tasty. There is a faint herbalness beneath all the sugar and fruitiness, but it is too meager a bite to escape what is overhead. There is also acerola and jabuticaba and camu camu, in addition to even more prolix fruits, but they too lapse within the more dominate. But the experience is fun regardless of its veiled complexity, and if you can suffer the ridiculous calorie count than it is well worth choosing over its partially diet counterpart.

The rather high sugar content certainly perked me right up (thirty seven grams), however with eighty milligrams of caffeine the buzz lasted only an hour or two. Each can also contains: guarana, ginseng, vitamin C, B vitamins, and all the roots and extracts you could ever want. In the end, if Mona Vie EMV cut some calories and doubled its size, then it would have a lot more potential. As it stands however, it is hard to recommend a drink with all the calories of a sixteen ounce drink with only half the energy.

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