Sunday, June 17, 2012

XS Peach Tea Blast Energy Drink Review

There is no possible way to be excited about reviewing this Peach Tea variety in the startlingly dreadful XS line. Its can is one of the reasons, an exhausted design let down by bright green and soft orange, two colors that do not exactly scream energy.

There definitely is a lot of peach to each sip, however the somewhat oily and uncarbonated fluid is actually not nearly as bad as expected. It is certainly better than Rockstar's pitiful attempt, with the fruit appearing more vibrant with an adequately appropriate sweetness. But most of the entire eight ounces was spent admiring the unexpectedly decent peach that the tea flavor never really became noticed, a combination of green, black, and white varieties. The drink does climax with an herbal bitterness thanks to the trilogy, a temperate taste who subtly bridges the experience to that of any ninety nine cent and twenty three ounce canned tea. Would I drink it again? Probably not, and especially if I actually had to buy it.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty three milligrams), taurine, B vitamins, and ginseng. The buzz is unapologetically unexceptional, lasting an hour or so without any jitters or subsequent crash. Though I have surely had better peach teas in the past, the flavor seems to be held back by the line's consistently bad can and kick.

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