Thursday, June 21, 2012

Golazo Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

 I like the green with the silver and white to Golazo Sugar Free's design, a can that remains easy to read despite its load of things to read. I cannot help but wish that it was a sixteen ounce can however, and although the soccer theme is questionable, the aesthetics here are pretty good.

The high hopes for Golazo Sugar Free were crushed almost immediately, delayed only for its rather pleasant NOS aroma. There is mango and lime again present, however they are more bitter than saccharine thanks to the erroneous choice of stevia and erythritol over, well ... any other sweetener system. The two tasted fruits are bland and one dimensional, showing no depth themselves or through the aid of others; the guava and tangerine noticed in the sugared version are lost within the unnecessary pungency. Earlier I mentioned that the can should be bigger, but with a taste like this I have changed my mind.

Each can contains: yerba mate, caffeine (100mg), guarana, and D-ribose. The absence of sugar left the two hour buzz seemingly unaffected. Overall, Golazo Sugar Free is a lusterless drink principally because of its sulky taste.

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