Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MonaVie EMV Lite Energy Drink Review

Bare aluminum never does anyone any favours, giving MonaVie EMV Lite an empty feel. There is no exciting visuals and the only text is written boringly with no flair; it tries obviously for sophisticated elegance but is instead unstimulating and bleak.

Although a laughable excuse of a light calorie alternative, thanks to the twenty eight percentage of juice with ninety calories and ten grams of sugar, it makes each sip quite enjoyable. The flavour is an adult punch, tasting only lightly of the billed acai, and stronger of apple and grape. There is some complexity thanks to the intricate involvement of acerola and jabuticaba, as well as others, and although they do in fact give some subtle depth, their influence cannot force the flavour out of drinking like a dryer berry beverage. I did enjoy the eight ounces and it is worth the calories, but it is nothing but decent.

Each can contains: caffeine(80mg), guarana, ginseng, yerba mate, D-ribose, green tea, B vitamins, vitamin C, and some others. The kick was not noteworthy, lasting an expected hour, perhaps a touch longer, with no jitters or subsequent crash. All in all, MonaVie EMV Lite sips well enough, but neither its strength or appearance can equal its sufficientness.

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Mark Hopgood said...

interesting you should say that - I don't like drinking from a tin. That's why I put mine in a good old fashioned mug and drink it from that.

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