Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marley's One Drop Coffee Review

I never anticipated to review these "ready to drink" coffees, but with text like 'wake up & live,' it is like they are just trying to be an energy beverage. It also helps that other critics have been writing about these drinks, Marley's in particular. Its bottle have great weight to it, and although there is nothing immediately unattractive here, one cannot help but wonder how healthy the market is for a RTD coffee based on a bygone musician.

If what I averagely drink is black coffee, then Marley's is albino white. The body is incredibly creamy and sweet, pleasantly fatty and never cloying, but the only coffee to taste is weaker than Rhode Island's state drink. The experience finishes without even a climax of the brew, without any of its trademark bitterness. It drinks like something Starbucks would sell for the masses' palate, without respect for the decoction's natural depth or subtle complexities. Every intricacy is blurred into one heaping mass of sweetener and cow juice, something only recommended for the 'iced venti latte w/ cream and ten sugar' crowd.

There really only is coffee and sugar to give you your energy, but because this is not an energy drink, the hour plus long buzz is easily forgivable. All in all, with other caffeine critics having already reviewed Marley's One Drop Coffee, telling my middling opinion would just waste even more of everyone's time.

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